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Walk Barefoot and Sit Pretty after Concord Kamloops Steam Cleans

If pets, children, guests and everyday foot traffic have finally made seeing and touching your good carpets unbearable, it’s time to call the best in the business – Concord. We find the dirt and remove it from your home or business with our steam cleaning system and truck-mounted machine.

Safe Treatments and Grime Removal

Made easier with an effective but safe pretreatment, Concord Kamloops’ trained and certified technicians steam out every trace of soil, pet hair and dander, and accumulated dust. Then our hot-water extraction system removes the grime to our truck for disposal. Not only walk barefoot again, but request Concord Kamloops’ free estimate for our thorough upholstery cleaning as well.

See your carpet's original colour again, Call for a free estimate

CONCORD KAMLOOPS | | 250-374-7716

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