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CONCORD KAMLOOPS | | 250-374-7716

Making the Sight and Smell of Your Fire Disappear

Any fire is traumatic, and you want the evidence of smoke, soot and scorching to disappear. Concord Kamloops helps you put your home or business back in order, including cleanup of water and fire extinguisher damage from fighting the fire. Call our certified technicians on standby 24/7 to begin the restoration process at your site within a few hours. With a truck-mounted system and the best equipment, Concord Kamloops takes care of

  • Restoring the affected areas and rooms
  • Extracting any interior water
  • Smoke removal with odour control
  • Soot removal from surfaces, carpets and upholstery
Save your possessions from fire or flood, Call Concord 24/7
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